Patricia Young at a Cleveland Indians Baseball Event.  

We provide Music & Celebrity Speakers for Events

A We Talk Music School Special Event

Mr. Grant's executive assistant at one of many award dinners in his honor since 2008. Patricia Young has now taken the lead to host We Talk Music & Sports programs across the United States benefiting many Boys & Girls Clubs & Youth Organizations.
You're helping hand would help us to provide more programs, reach more children with this youth violence prevention message that everyone counts.
  *Love and Kindness*
   *A Natural Instinct*
The Cleveland Sax Ma n, a longtime member of The Reggae Vibes Band performing for thousands with our music fundraising events.
The Amazing Meadowlark Lemon an orginal member of The Globetrotters basketball team taking time out to visit a Boys & Girls Club with We Talk Music & Sports.
Had the great pleasure of meeting The Legendary Baseball great Hank Aaron, a guest speaker at a recent fundraising event for The Negro League Museum in Kansas City. Find out more about NLBM and their amazing museum that's filled with baseball history .. Visit. 
Movie Star Fred Williamson & Patricia Young at The James Mudcat Grant Golfing Fundraiser in Binghamton, New York. Had a chance to share The We Talk Music Program and praying for his involvement. Check out his latest movie on Netflix. "Check Point"


Patricia Young & Daniel Gibson of the Cleveland Cavaliers at a special event honoring  Mr. James Mudcat Grant. Looking to work with Daniels Basketball Camps 

We encourage forgiveness, respect, and a desire to learn and take more responsibility for your own actions. Youth understanding the real consequences of deliberately harming another person and knowing the future it will rob you of is illustrated in our program. We educate young people to stop and think of the repercussions before lashing out in anger by managing their own emotions.

Ulysses Young of The Reggae Vibes Band on a Fox 8  Morning TV Show. The band talked about their mission to teach kindness and respect through positive music & sports activities to youth everywhere.

The Reggae Vibes Band made a commitment to The We Talk Music & Sports Organization. They will donate the proceeds from the sell of their newly released song called "We Are One People" to the program.  The song talks about more peace & unity among our citizens and especially our youth. The proceeds will help to fund more Violence Prevention Programs for The Boys & Girls Clubs across The United States of America. You can help by ple Music. purchasing their music on iTUNES or Apple Music




We Talk Music & Sports is a 501c3 Nonprofit Organization that uses the universal languages of music and sports to unite students and address bullying.  We provide a musical concert performance, motivational speakers, and student participation, this anti-bullying program teaches children how to control anger and be a team player when it's time.

We Talk Music & Sports offers school programs, after-school programs, and special Boys & Girls Clubs events. Our programs are funded by your Donations, Motivational Corporate Fundraisers and Corporate Parties when using our entertainment team of Celebrities & Musicians. Call us today and book your special event.

Ulysses Young, Motivational Speaker Les Brown & Patricia Young, director of youth programs.. Les Brown is a friend of the  We Talk Music Programs.

 Boys & Girls Clubs

Patricia Young, Demi Lovato & Stephanie Young at a concert in Chicago. Demi spoke about how she was bullied. We hope to work with Demi with her efforts to stop the bullying in all schools.

We show the youth that there is a way out when they feel hopeless. Our musical groups & motivational speakers talk about their own personal experiences to inspire peace and unity. Additionally, celebrity sports players come out to meet the students, sign autographs, and lead a sports clinic or a music concert performed by "The Reggae Vibes Band." Students learn about being a team player and working together in a positive environment. 

The Reggae Vibes Band performs on Fox 8,  explaining the Violence Prevention Program.

See us in front of thousands of students enjoying the benefits of our program.

The Hammer & Evan

A Great Motivational Story!

Sports Conferences

James Mudcat Grant

     Celebrities We Have Met Along The Way

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Legendary Smokey Robinson. Met him while traveling through The Atlanta Airport. Great moment for me. I told him about We Talk Music and our mission. Hoping for a "Miracle"
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"Beat The Bully Family Board Games"

SHAQ no introduction needed a pregame celebration hororing James "Mudcat" Grant, Jim Brown and other Black Americans.

Lebron James, NBA  Superstar and one of my favorite people. We look forward to working with The Lebron James Family Foundation with our We Talk Music Program..

Ulysses Young & Afi-Nur

YYouth Violence Prevention *Programs* 

Youth Violence Prevention Programs  & Corporate Events helping our Youth   "Stop the Bullying"