We Talk Music & Sports is one of the most sought after corporate event planning agencies in the industry. Our relationships and connections has allowed us to put on unique and engaging events in venues and retreats all around the greater region.

We teach kids how to manage their emotions and show them that there is a way out when they feel hopeless. Our musical groups speak on their own personal experiences to inspire peace and unity. Additionally, celebrity sports players come out to meet the students, sign autographs, and lead a sports clinic. Children learn about being a team player and working together in a positive environment. We Talk Music & Sports offers school programs, after-school programs, and Boys & Girls Clubs events for 1 to 3 days. During sports activities, we may also host additional fundraisers.

Children perform with the Band.

We Talk Music / Boys & Girls Club

Performing for the Youth 

The following video's will display films of different situations that students can find themselfs dealing with in school and home.